THE MILLIONAIRES’ MENTALIST – Virtual Event Specialist

Welcome to the Virtual Fundraising

Magic of Dan Chan “The Millionaires’ Mentalist”

Experience Mind Reading and Mentalism

Experience the wonder and excitement of Dan Chan’s magic and mentalism from the comfort of your own home, all while supporting your favorite organization. Our virtual fundraising shows over Zoom are designed to captivate, inspire, and contribute to a cause close to your heart.

How It Works:

Choose Your Cause:

Partner with us to support your organization, whether it’s a school, charity, or community group.

Sell Tickets & Promote:

Spread the word and sell tickets to the virtual magic show. We provide promotional materials to make this step a breeze.

Enjoy the Magic:

Attendees simply log in at the scheduled time and enjoy an unforgettable virtual performance by Dan Chan, the Millionaire’s Mentalist.

Global Reach, Local Impact

One of the most magical aspects of our virtual fundraisers is the ability to bring together friends and family from anywhere in the world. No matter where they are, your loved ones can purchase a ticket, join the Zoom event, and become part of a community supporting your cause. This not only amplifies the impact of your fundraising efforts but also strengthens connections with those you care about, near or far.

Join Hands, Across the Miles

Imagine the joy of sharing an enchanting evening of magic with your closest ones, no matter their location. By participating in our virtual magic show, you’re not just witnessing unparalleled mentalism and magic; you’re also weaving a tapestry of support that spans continents, all from the comfort of your home. Our virtual fundraisers are seamless to set up and offer a unique way to engage your community, raise funds, and create lasting memories. Join us in making magic happen for a good cause.

Schedule a no-obligation demo

Contact us at [email protected] to schedule a no-obligation demo over Zoom and start planning your virtual fundraiser with Dan Chan. For participating in a Zoom demo, we’ll gift a virtual ticket to our publicly ticketed Airbnb shows as our gift to you that you may auction off

How It Works:

Step 1: Schedule a fundraising brainstorming session

Reach out to schedule a meeting with us. We’ll cover everything you need to know—from our streamlined process to the essentials of online ticketing and show prerequisites. Most importantly, we’ll highlight the advantages for your organization. We’ll also figure out a unique name for your cause. We’ve brainstormed ideas such as “Wands & Wishes” and “Magic with a Mission,” and we’re ready to craft a distinctive name tailored to your cause.


Step 2: Ticket Sales Take Off

With the event date set, it’s time to launch ticket sales! We’ll equip your community—students, members, and supporters—with all they need to maximize fundraising for your cause.


Step 3: Experience the Enchantment

As the event day dawns, simply relax and immerse yourself in the spectacle. Discover how effortlessly it transforms into your most successful fundraiser yet.

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