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Are you looking for a fun and engaging virtual event to reward your team or make your Zoom meetings less boring? Consider a magic & mind reading with a magician and mentalist to engage your teams over Zoom. Experience counts. As one of the top virtual magicians & mentalists in the world, I’ve performed over 520 virtual shows. I’ve done 52 shows in a week and even 12 shows in a day.

When the pandemic hit, I lost 8K in one week. My wife, a balloon artist , and my kids depended on me. Out of necessity, I had to pivot. I quickly began to love virtual shows, and in many ways, even like them more than in-person events. I love that now I engage & entertain groups from all around the world, joining from all different time zones. 


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The show is filmed from Dan’s state-of-the-art studio with a 4K camera, professional backdrop, and integrates the latest technology, including Open Broadcaster Software. As your guests arrive, we’ll have upbeat music playing to set the mood. Then, our tech crew will introduce your performers with a custom video seamlessly spotlight spectators, mute and unmute, and even roll the end credits. With Dan’s professional Zoom account, he can accommodate up to 1000 people. In addition, we can stream on other platforms to an unlimited number of guests. We guarantee that your guests will be absolutely impressed!
To have the best experience, I recommend that you and your guests be somewhere that is quiet with a strong internet connection to your computer, tablet, or phone. The show is best experienced on Zoom and where you can choose to live stream through either Dan’s professional Zoom account or through your company account. We have worked with many other platforms including Teams, Hangouts, WebEx, Skype, and GoToMeeting. If using any other platform we recommend having a quick tech rehearsal before the show to ensure everything is working properly.
For kids and family events, we highly recommend “The Chan Family Show” as it includes tricks that captivate both kids and adults alike. Dan and his son, James, also have experience including “Magic by James” and “The Father and Son Duo”. Please give us a call to get more information on these special kid-friendly packages.
Dan is one of the most popular entertainers on Zoom. He can do up to 11 virtual shows per day. Pricing depends on current demand, date and time. When you call, Dan can suggest dates and times where he can offer the best pricing and customize an experience to fit your budget.
Magic of the Mind 1.0 is a condensed version of the full experience running at 28 minutes. Magic of the Mind 2.0 runs from 45-55 minutes and includes additional tech crew, a 4K camera, studio backdrop, OBS scenes & transitions, StreamDeck, pre-show, intro and outro videos plus several hidden “Easter eggs.”
We prefer to do shows from 9 am PST to 11 pm PST. Please note there may be additional charges for shows outside of our regular performance times. Dan is the most in-demand Zoom entertainer. He’s done 52 shows in a week. One day he performed 8 shows back to back on the half-hour – on that day, he completed a record-breaking 12 performances in a day. He recently woke up at 4:30 to do a 5:00 am for a corporate group in Dubai & South Africa. Contact Dan today to see if he can fit you into his schedule. If you’re flexible with the date, he’ll even offer you a few dates where he’ll be able to provide you with a partial upgrade. Please click here to book a no-obligation demo over Zoom.
Guests love the show, and often they want to remember the visceral emotional reactions of the powerful mindreading they experienced. If you would like a highlight reel of the show. Let us know. First, please ask for permission from all your participants. As much as we like capturing the memories on videos even more important is having participants 100% comfortable at the show. When inviting your guests we’ll provide you with script that have the highest acceptance rates. “Dan has offered to provide a highlight reel of the experience. If you’d rather not have the show recorded, just let us know. Also, Dan will be happy to cropout participants if need or delete the recording of the performance – for any reason at all.” The only reason we’ve found people are hesitant are part of the witness protection program, working for a 3 letter government agency.

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As an internationally renowned, award-winning magician & mentalist, Dan Chan Presents pivoted his world-class magic and mind-reading shows to the virtual environment. He performs regularly on television over Zoom, Google Meets, WebEx and even the Metaverse. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dan is regarded as one of the world’s top virtual magicians and performs at events for thought leaders and influencers. Prior to pivoting to virtual events, Dan performed 5000 plus shows worldwide. Dan Chan provides the perfect virtual corporate entertainment solution for discerning audiences. Dan’s signature effects, iPhone hacking illusion, and pick-pocketing are legendary among Silicon Valley elite and billionaires.